The Highlight of our Vintage & Antique Collection

The Highlight of our Vintage & Antique Collection

Our newest addition to our Vintage & Antique Collection is the stunning Turquoise and 14k Gold Necklace. This beautiful necklace showcases stunning turquoise cabochons that are delicately encircled by small pearls set in 14k yellow gold. The contrast between the vibrant turquoise and warm gold creates a captivating design.

We seldom see pairings of turquoise and gold today, so when Jay and Kindred met this necklace, they were both immediately smitten.

Jay was particularly taken with the turquoise, which he says is some of the finest quality he has seen since the turquoise boom of the 70's. 

Our Vintage and Antique Collection is comprised of carefully chosen items, each with its own history. Some of the pieces have been found by Kindred Lubeck during her jewelry-hunting trips to New York City, while others have simply stumbled into the shop, and were chosen by hand. We are delighted to offer these items to our customers, knowing each piece carries a unique history.  


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