The Lubeck Legacy

The Lubeck Legacy

Hello nice to meet you all!

I know most of you but in case we’ve never met, I’m Kindred, the successor of Jewels by Lubeck.

That’s right folks, we’re a legacy business. I never really saw metalsmithing in my future because my parents always talked about wanting “more” or “better” opportunities for me than what they had.

My dad worked really hard to build this little business from nothing (his story is way cooler than mine - more on that later) to give me the best life he could. And he did an incredible job!

My parents sent me off to college so that one day I could pursue some big shot job in an office somewhere, but as it turns out, I didn’t fit the mold. I needed something more creative, a little more hands-on.

And so I landed on my dad’s doorstep, looking for a job between jobs.

I couldn’t have foreseen how much I would love working with metal. I couldn’t foresee that I would even be good at it. But that’s the coolest part about life, when you learn to surrender your control, you allow yourself to be surprised.

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